I’ve been forced to reject the name jesus and any who use it.

There has to be a wheat and tare, a sheep and goat, and a clear distinction between truth and a lie. I don’t believe we should be double-minded, fork tongued, or between two opinions. If you follow jesus, follow him. if you follow Yahushua, follow him. There is a difference, just as there was a difference between Simon Magus, and Simon Peter. The Holy Spirit of YAH is the difference.

It seems to me that jesus people have zero respect for the Holy Spirit, they lie about dreams and visions, try to use the scriptures for their own deception advantage, they love false prophecy, lying signs and wonders, fake miracles, and fake words of knowledge. Their god is the god of this world, they love mammon, and love to hear doctrines of demons. Clearly, the scriptures describe them as the enemy, the false church, the goats and tares, delusional, and on the broad way to the wide gate of destruction. Unable to repent.

When they can’t be a successful jesus hustler, they end up among the Yahshua people trying to work a hustle. By the fruit of their mouth i know them. If they preach and teach jesus, i reject them.

They say jesus is a transliteration of Yahshua, but the truth is that Joshua is.

YAHushua glorifies the Father, YAH.

Just as Eliyahu challenged the false prophets of baal for being double-minded, so do the jesus people need to be challenged.